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What Parts Do You Need To Install A Sink?

Installing a new sink is never easy. Luckily we are going to give you a quick overview of whats necessary regarding the parts.

Parts Needed

1) As for the measurement of pipes, you have two for domestic drains: 32 and 40 in diameter.

2) Even if your spout is to the left, if you put a separate siphon (of the bottle), you can face the outlet of the siphon to the drain, and place the missing tube.

3) The most economical and simple option:

– With a siphon of one piece of rubber. Underneath the pica, you have what is called the valve, which is nothing more than a piece of tube with a conical head that is what is in contact with the hardware.

What you have to do, is first to present the pieces, making sure that the siphon is a little higher than the wall drain (ie, the outlet slopes down). The valve, if you saw it necessary, you can cut it.

Then you would only need two pieces: The rubber siphon of the pipe diameter of the valve of the pike (if you do not have it clear, you can go with the valve to the hardware store and ask for a siphon, and a piece of flexible PVC pipe.

Then, the order of connection would be:

– Pvc valve + rubber siphon + flexible PVC. The siphon can be fixed to the tube and valve with two endless clamps. The final piece of PVC tucked inside the wall drain, with special glue for PVC. The part of the flexible PVC that goes to the wall must be of the same diameter of the pipe embedded in the wall.

In case it is bigger or smaller than the tubes you have installed, you buy a reduction in PVC that will make an adapter to the outlet and you are done.

Same I’ve rolled up a lot. If you do not have it clear, research the diameter of the valve and make sure it matches up with what is online.

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