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Tips for a successful first date

coupleIt has always been and will be a difficult time to meet a girl for the first time. The questions always arise. Where should I take her? What do I wear? Who should pay? All these questions can confuse you and divert you from your final purpose which is to create a good impression on the girl and successfully take the first step to establish a loving relationship.

We give you the most important advice for men that you must keep in mind so that the date is a complete success.¬†Your girl will always expect you to look fantastic when you take her for a walk around the city. Your first image is your business card and although you think not, everyone is carried away by the first impression that a person gives off. Arrange for the occasion, wear a current shirt, be smart, and choose the right clothes for the occasion. Forget your jeans lucky, because your date may not think the same…

In general, we also like more well-shaved and even shaved guys, if they have a lot of hair. For example, with a current haircut, you will give the feeling that you care about your image.


Tip: On the first or first dates you should always prepare a detail. If it is personal much better. It is the ideal way to break the ice in the initial moments and talk about what she likes and what does not. This will free you from your initial nerves, and if you have not prepared anything, we propose several ideas to surprise you…

You choose the meeting place

Try by all means to choose you the appointment site, and if it is the first date, even more. First, you will be more comfortable in the place you choose for your meeting. Second, women love surprises and more if it’s on the first date. Third, a place where both of you will be relaxed will allow you to open up more to each other and your communication will be more fluid.

Tip: Choose a site not very crowded where you can count and listen to confidences. Avoid places with lots of people or where you can not talk because the music is very strong.


To seduce a woman lead with confidence

According to the experts at, showing confidence and self-confidence is perhaps the aspect of a man who attracts women the most!! Talk to her about topics that interest you and let her see those you’re passionate about. She will see your passion and confidence but do not overdo it on a first date because you could monopolize the whole conversation and this is counterproductive. In an environment of trust, women love to talk about our feelings, hobbies and even problems.

Tip: Even if you are not an Adonis, it does not mean that you do not feel comfortable with your body. A woman is attracted to men who feel good with her body, with her interior and show it to others.

Do not dominate the conversation

Sometimes it happens that you can not stop talking in order to hide the nerves that lie under your skin? If this happens to you, pause and take a breath. You do not have to tell all your life on the first date, let her ask you questions trying to find out interesting aspects of your life and your hobbies. Ask her questions to keep her attention on your conversation and above all, even if it seems complicated, listen to what she has to tell you. The conversation must be practically 50 – 50. That it does not become a dominated by any of the parties.

Advice: Always arrive before your date. For no excuse of the world make it wait because it is disrespectful to waste the time of the person in which you are interested. It will be an initial misstep in your relationship that is very difficult to save.

Tip: If you have listened and your girl tells you some problem she has, do not always try to give her a solution. Sometimes we love that they only listen to us and so we can vent.

First date conversation

The last thing she wants to hear is criticism from other people, and less from previous relationships you’ve had. Forget this. Girls like simple and pleasant conversations with good humor samples that make them laugh. Try to make your smile present and tell him how good it feels. Show your interest so that you feel desired and, at the same time, confident. You will talk about deep topics later on.

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Team Suzuki Press Office – April 9.

Michael Jordan Motorsports announced this morning that 18-year-old Canadian Superbike rider Brett McCormick will fill in for the Jordan Suzuki rider Aaron Yates as he recovers from injury.

Yates – who underwent surgery on March 28th after breaking his leg in that morning’s practice prior to race four of the 2010 AMA Pro National Guard American Superbike Championship at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California – is expected to be out of action for six-to-twelve weeks.

McCormick, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, was the 2009 runner-up in the Canadian Superbike Championship. He raced the first two AMA Superbike events of 2010 for Celtic Racing, scoring a seventh and an eighth-placed finish in the first four races and currently sits 10th in the series.

The team evaluated McCormick during last week’s test at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. Both Celtic Racing and McCormick have close ties with Michael Jordan Motorsports and that, combined with his recent experience on the Suzuki GSX-R1000, made him a good candidate to fill in for the injured Yates. Celtic Racing team owner Barry Gilsenan is very supportive of the decision and is glad to see Brett get the opportunity.

There’s more of Brett McCormick in this video interview, shot at the Sonoma test:

Click on the website link here: Michael Jordan Motorsports