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Why Go Camping?

Once considered the cheapest way to get a holiday, camping has become a choice for outdoor enthusiasts, who enjoy a great deal of freedom while staying in their own homes.

Although the tent, as well as the trailer tent, has lost ground to the larger recreational vehicles, it remains the most popular equipment, says Wildlife Communications, at the society of camping).

Demand for land offering services (water, sewer, electricity) is also rising.

Ready-to-camp and family attractions

Two trends are increasingly taking shape in the campground landscape: family attractions and ready-to-camp.
These tents made of canvas and wood, are of more cylindrical shape, trailers for rent, prospecting tents and other accommodation solutions ready to receive campers, allow holidaymakers to learn comfortably the joys of camping, without having to equip themselves with full-on tactical gear –¬†www.tacticalgearguides.com/.

And with the “explosion of family-type campgrounds that put the package on infrastructure” that is noted, young people do not get bored, parents rejoice and seasonal grandparents campers are pleased to say, have the visit.

Stay connected while outdoors

The wi-fi, to stay connected even on vacation, becomes another fourth service to offer after water, electricity, and sewer. Eco-responsible initiatives, such as the addition of recycling bins and water flow management, are also among the concerns of campers who wish to continue on vacation, their good habits taken at home, explains experts.

Camping in Canada in a few figures:

According to the most recent survey on the practice of camping in Canada, carried out by the Chair of tourism.

25% of Canadians have gone camping at least once in their lives.

65% of Canadian campers are between the ages of 30 and 54.

42% of campers earn an annual income of $50,000 or more.

80% of campers travel and 20% choose a campground for the season (seasonal).

43% of campers (non-seasonal) book less than 2 weeks in advance.

Among the traveling campers, 48% do so in the tent and close to 30% in a recreational vehicle.

The rest, the attraction of nature and the social aspect are the main reasons for the followers, to choose the campsite.

The realization of a campfire, walking, and hiking as well as swimming in bodies of water is the main activities carried out in camping.