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The Best Shepherd Dog

Are border collies good at herding sheep?

Definitely Yes, Border Collie is at the top of the list of the most intelligent dog breeds and is said to be a dog capable of controlling cattle only with the eyes , as if hypnotizing the animals and that is absolutely focused on the activities proposed, since the Border Collie is a dog that can be easily trained and taught to obey all kinds of commands .

Unlike the other dogs, this breed did not demonstrate its ability to bark and snarl at the herd, it just stood in front of them and looked at them in a threatening way, without resorting to violence.

Border Collies instinctive abilities have been adapted to various activities, in addition to herding and working on the farm. A very well known are the tests of shepherd dogs. Although they are not exclusive to the Border Collies, they seem to be dominated by this race.

Tests of shepherd dogs first began in 1873, as a way to show the hard-won skills of the farmer’s specimen and to prove that one’s dog was better than another’s. Today, the goal promoted by the International Sheep Dog Society is to improve the breed by encouraging competition. The tests are based on the work of the farm or, more correctly, on the type of work performed by a sheepdog from a farm in the hills.

They basically test the skills of the surrounding, picking up, driving, putting in a pen and carrying. The presenter sends your dog at a distance of 180 to 360 meters to pick up a small number of sheep, usually four or five. The dog must run well so as not to send the sheep back to the pens.

The dog must then bring the sheep through a fence, make them go around the presenter, take them and pass them through another fence, spin them and drive them through the circuit, pass them through a third group of fences and then drive them over. After this, the dog must remove the sheep from the fold and then out of the circuit.

Obedience tests and agility are also two areas in which the Border Collie stands out. Competitions of both types are dominated by race. These tests reveal the instinctive obedience and the innate agility of the Border Collie. If you have occasionally observed any of these tests, you have not been able to avoid realizing that the Border Collies are present in large numbers and always end up doing well.

Border Collie is a robust and very healthy dog, practically free from hereditary problems, although it is common in males that suffer from osteochondrosis and abnormalities in the cartilage.

The relationship between these exercises and the real work for which the Border Collie was thought is marginal, but they offer an escape valve for the energy of the pet dog and also set objectives for training both the dog and the owner.

As we have said repeatedly, the Border Collie is, by definition, a working dog, but this is not exclusive. His intelligence provides him with the quality of adaptability that, with the right owner, can make the life of the pet dog almost as satisfying to him as the type of work for which he was born and raised.